What is B2B Meeting

During the three days of expo, we facilitate One-on-One Business to Business Meetings between a buyer & seller. B2B meetings will happen on all the three days of the expo. The 20 to 30 minute B2B meeting can be scheduled by an Exhibitor after making the payment for space booking. This meetings are reserved exclusively for Exhibitors and NOT FOR VISITORS.

The final schedule will be announced a week before the Expo.

We have a dedicated B2B team headed by a TEAM LEADER assisted by 30+ volunteers to facilitate the meetings.

How B2B meetings will help the Exhibitor

The B2B meeting will help the suppliers (MSMEs) meeting the buyers (Large units) and share the business plans, product details, etc., The One-o-One B2B meeting will help MSMEs connect with their potential customers which will help generate enquiries and convert them to orders.

Who are the participants in the B2B Meetings

All Exhibitors - Large Indian units, Large Foreign units, Indian MSMEs, Academic Institutions, Research Institutions, Nodel Agencies, etc., will be participating in the B2B meetings.

How many B2B meetings will happen during the Expo

During the three days of the Expo - that is 16 Nov to 18 Nov, we expect at least 1500 B2B meetings can happen. For this purpose we have allocated 30 B2B closed rooms which will work on all the three days.

Is there any cost for the B2B Meetings?

NO. The B2B meetings are absolutely free for Exhibitors who have booked the space (stall)

How to schedule a B2B meeting?

An exhibitor after making the payment for the stall space can see the "B2B Meeting" option in their dashboard. They can see all the other exhibitors name, profile, country and product details and whether they are coming in as a buyer or seller, what products they are buying or selling and other details. The Exhibitor can select the potential Buyer or Seller from here and schedule a B2B meeting. There will be options of 30 minutes time slots and the exhibitor can choose from the available slots.

A buyer can invite a seller for a B2B meeting and a seller can also invite the buyer for a B2B meeting.

This scheduling can be done through the B2B module available in the official website through the Exhibitor dashboard.